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In 9 Colors
  • Black Fur
    Black Fur
  • Bordeaux Fur
    Bordeaux Fur
  • Green Snake
    Green Snake
  • Croco Bordeaux
    Croco Bordeaux
  • Croco Brown
    Croco Brown
  • Croco Cigar
    Croco Cigar
  • Croco Black
    Croco Black
  • Vintage Bronze
    Vintage Bronze
  • Vintage Silver
    Vintage Silver

The word glam is not enough for the Crystal Bag. It is a bag that will become your crystal choice. It is combined with so many styles to stand out in any good occasion. We would also like it for a wedding dress in a similar color. The decorative teardrop stones are in 3 sizes and their quality is with the right notches so that they shine in its passage. Each decorative stone has two holes to be beautifully sewn with Transparent Thread preferably but also on the back they have light metallic coating so they can be glued with Fabric Glue or Silicone Glue. The final dimensions are 22cm wide and 15-16cm high. The knitted parts are 3. The perimeter side is 6.5X43cm.

The Kit Includes :

- 1 Crystal Cap 22cm

- 200g Metal Cord Yarn (1pc)

- 1 Metal Handle 12.5cm

- 8 pcs Teardrop large 13X22

- 17 pcs Teardrop medium 11X18

- 33pcs Teardrop small 7X12

- 4pcs Pyramid 12X12

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