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In 11 Colors
  • Set No1 Green-93
    Set No1 Green-93
  • Set No2 Green-829
    Set No2 Green-829
  • Set No3 Purple-831
    Set No3 Purple-831
  • Set No4 Red-115
    Set No4 Red-115
  • Set No5 Blue-244
    Set No5 Blue-244
  • Set No6 Brown-92
    Set No6 Brown-92
  • Set No7 Brown Kors-297
    Set No7 Brown Kors-297
  • Set No8 Black-60
    Set No8 Black-60
  • Set No9 Blue-62
    Set No9 Blue-62
  • Set No10 Green Sage-282
    Set No10 Green Sage-282
  • Set No11 Rippe Apple-288
    Set No11 Rippe Apple-288

Kit Cleo is a bag so chic and minimal together. You can make it very easily too! The final dimensions of the bag are 33cm wide and 26cm high. Ideal for the office but also for a walk.


A lovely large cover combined with a hand sewn 70cm length . You need Crochet Hook No4-5 and Lining Fabric 0.50cm 


It has two magnets with legs.


The Kit Includes :

- 1 Cover with two magnets

- 2 Sewing Handles Close 70cm long

- 1000g Heart Yarn(5pcs)

Measurement Unit:: Item
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