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In 11 Colors
  • Set No1 Red-0503
    Set No1 Red-0503
  • Set No2 Green -314
    Set No2 Green -314
  • Set No3 Purple-17
    Set No3 Purple-17
  • Σετ Νο4 Camel-227
    Σετ Νο4 Camel-227
  • Set No5 Black-500
    Set No5 Black-500
  • Set No6 Blue-426
    Set No6 Blue-426
  • Set No7 Mustard-207
    Set No7 Mustard-207
  • Set No8 Gray-108
    Set No8 Gray-108
  • Set No9 Tabac-999
    Set No9 Tabac-999
  • Set No10 White-504
    Set No10 White-504
  • Set No11 Cigar-227
    Set No11 Cigar-227

A great and modern crocheted bag kit! The Banana Bag Base or chest belt bag is one of those large bags that you carry across your chest or back. It is 32cm long with an adjustable 4cm wide strap. It has a special zipper for closing with two metal guides and eyelets to sew on the knitted part. You will only need to knit the front part of the bag.

 You will sew it onto the leather base and the bag is ready for walks! Wear the Cross on the front or back. It holds a lot of things and stands out in design.

 We have knitted it with Crochet Hook No 4


 Kit Includes

- 1pc Banana Bag Stand with Zipper and Adjustable Strap (002702)

 - 300g Capri Yarn (1pc) (002455)

 - Pattern of decreases in knitted part

 Video Tutorial

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