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In 13 Colors
  • Blue with Blue Jeans-24
    Blue with Blue Jeans-24
  • Light Wood with Ecru-579
    Light Wood with Ecru-579
  • Tabac with Peach-156
    Tabac with Peach-156
  • Fuchsia with Violet-17
    Fuchsia with Violet-17
  • Olive with Violet-17
    Olive with Violet-17
  • Olive with Tabac-204
    Olive with Tabac-204
  • Sugar with Salmon-125
    Sugar with Salmon-125
  • Fuchsia with White-504
    Fuchsia with White-504
  • Gray with Gray-365
    Gray with Gray-365
  • Black with Black-500
    Black with Black-500
  • Tabac with Khaki-240
    Tabac with Khaki-240
  • Light Wood with Mustard-184
    Light Wood with Mustard-184
  • Black with White-504
    Black with White-504

The Santorini bag has that something of a bag with a personality. Less line and the lightness of the Greek islands. The strap handles have a leather finish and a length of 123cm. By tying the knot you can adjust the length you want on the handles. In this bag the jackets are 4 but the skins are 8 so you can also sew on the inside. The Final Dimensions are 37cm wide and 27cm high.


The Kit Includes :


- 2 Hand Straps


- 1 Bottom 26X10cm


- 4 Stitched Leathers with Metal Hoods


- 4 Stitched Skins


- 600g Capri yarn (2pcs)


- 1pieces 30cm leather zipper (Code 002222)

Happy Crafting handibrandgirls !

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