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An airy and stylish bag! Full of challenge to crochet it. We designed in our workshop a bottom a little different from the usual ones. When folded it becomes triangular and is the perfect base to make the Texas Bag. It holds the knitted part and gives shape. The Final Dimensions of the final Bag are: 35cm wide and 40cm high

 It is knitted with Capri Yarn, and you will find in the Material Kits monochrome and two colors. Its construction is divided into 3 parts and on the Video Tutorial you will see how. 3 different layouts are also included in the kit . 

 Also you can find the Ready-Made Lining Texas if you want. 

 The Kit Includes :

 - 1 Polygonal Base 30X30cm (code:002558)

 - 1 Hand Sewing Handle 5X15cm (code:002557)

 - 1 Tassel with Metal Hook (code:001964)

 - 1 Metal Ring Mechanism 13mm (code:838)

 - 600g Capri yarn (2pcs) (code:002455)

 - 3 Patterns

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