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The Bag with Bubbles has become the easiest bag! You must crochet and sew from the holes the Inner Leather Base inside. The magnet is on the base. You will not need to put lining and canvas. Do we all dream of something like this?


The Final Dimensions of the Bag are 27cm Width, 17cm Height and 10cm Width.


The HEART Yarn is the Ideal for this bag. It is checkered and slightly chunky but you will knit it for this bag with Crochet hook #4-4.5. You will have yarn left over.


The most colorful and special part of this bag, however, is the Silicone Chain. These rings come together, have bright colors, are light and give the bag another air of style. You can choose from the Sets that we have made for you colorful chains.


The Kit Includes :


- 800g HEART Yarn (4pcs)


- 1 Internal Base with Magnet


- 2 Metal Rings 25mm


- 30pcs Silicone Rings 35mmX35mm


- Knitting Pattern


- Video Tutorial

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