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In 13 Colors
  • MACR03-101 - Light Gray-101
    MACR03-101 - Light Gray-101
  • MACR03-102 - Gray-102
    MACR03-102 - Gray-102
  • MACR03-303 - Beige Cigar-303
    MACR03-303 - Beige Cigar-303
  • MACR03-307 - Light Beige-307
    MACR03-307 - Light Beige-307
  • MACR03-503 - Orange-503
    MACR03-503 - Orange-503
  • MACR03-602D - Blue Sky-602
    MACR03-602D - Blue Sky-602
  • MACR03-603 - Salmon-603
    MACR03-603 - Salmon-603
  • MACR03-702 - Ecru-702
    MACR03-702 - Ecru-702
  • MACR03-747 - Tabac
    MACR03-747 - Tabac
  • MACR03-802 - Khaki-802
    MACR03-802 - Khaki-802
  • MACR03-906 - Bordeaux
    MACR03-906 - Bordeaux
  • MACR03-912D - Ripe Apple-912D
    MACR03-912D - Ripe Apple-912D
  • MACR03-BLACK - Black
    MACR03-BLACK - Black

You will love this Kit! Are you ready to make your own lampshade for your home? With the Macrame technique and Macrame Cotton Yarn 3mm home accessories have gone up a level.

The metal base for the lampshade is made of strong metal to withstand the thread, and with a diameter of 20cm and a height of 16cm. We designed it to be isomer and easy to knit.

This particular kit has dimensions for a Bedside or Table Lamp-Portable. The yarn is enough and there will be enough left over, we needed exactly 1pc

The Kit Includes :

- 500g Macrame Cotton Yarn 3mm (2 pcs)

- 1pc Metal Lampshade Base 20Φ

*Video Tutorial here 

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