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  • IVAR-465 - Blue
    IVAR-465 - Blue
  • IVAR-804 - Bordueax
    IVAR-804 - Bordueax
  • IVAR-725 - Brown
    IVAR-725 - Brown
  • IVAR-704 - Cigar
    IVAR-704 - Cigar
  • IVAR-100 - Black
    IVAR-100 - Black

Crocheted Fingerless Gloves are the warmest and coziest gloves... Ivar Yarn is fluffy thread and very light. In this Kit we will knit with Crochet Hook No7 but the thread is knitted from 7-10 Needles / Crochet.

They are 10cm longer than the wrist.

The Kit Includes:

- 2pcs IVAR Yarn

Video Tutorial coming soon to our Youtube Channel

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