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In 5 Colors
  • IVAR-100 - Black
    IVAR-100 - Black
  • IVAR-465 - Blue
    IVAR-465 - Blue
  • IVAR-704 - Cigar
    IVAR-704 - Cigar
  • IVAR-725 - Brown
    IVAR-725 - Brown
  • IVAR-804 - Bordueax
    IVAR-804 - Bordueax

The IVAR Crocheted Sweater Vest is the most perfect thing to wear, over a blouse, shirt or whatever you prefer. Crochet in Small, Medium, Large and XLarge. It is comfortable and from the side you can adjust if you want it to be medium or looser. The Alpaca Ivar yarn is very light yarn with many meters so that the Sweater Vest comes out light but also warm. The neckline and elastic are all her beauty. The back is a bit longer, so it looks nice when worn.

 The small numbers will need approximately 8pcs and the large 9pcs. We crocheted it with Crochet Hook No. 6 and Crochet Hook No. 7. If you crochet tight, try one size larger

 The Kit Includes :

 - 9 pcs Yarn Ivar (code:002652)

 - Size Chart



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