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In 8 Colors
  • STRAWB-01 - Biege
    STRAWB-01 - Biege
  • STRAWB-02 - Dark Biege
    STRAWB-02 - Dark Biege
  • STRAWB-03 - Khaki
    STRAWB-03 - Khaki
  • STRAWB-04 - Black
    STRAWB-04 - Black
  • STRAWB-05 - Red
    STRAWB-05 - Red
  • STRAWB-06 - Lilian
    STRAWB-06 - Lilian
  • STRAWB-07 - Green
    STRAWB-07 - Green
  • STRAWB-08 - Turquoise
    STRAWB-08 - Turquoise
  • STRAWB-09 - Rippe Apple
    STRAWB-09 - Rippe Apple
  • STRAWB-11 - Dark Blue
    STRAWB-11 - Dark Blue

Yes it's a fact! You can make this gorgeous summer hat! Its made with Straw Yarn cord which is lightweight and the ideal cord yarn for a hat, giving you just the right result.


The size of the hat will vary relative to the size of your head. Our sample hat is a medium.


Details of different sizes are given in the instructions.

This Kit includes:

250gr Straw Yarn (1 piece)
2m of special wire for the brim of the hat. Note, adding the wire to the brim is optional.
Happy crafting!

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